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From Our Roots to Transforming Playgrounds For the Future

At Natural Playscapes, we combine a practical and adventurous style with our unique spark of creativity to create innovative, interactive and beautiful designs and inspirational learning environments.

Our Background

Our founders recognised a need in schools for creative and natural play that would support a child’s learning. Key head teachers recognised the educational value of the creative approach we could offer and Natural Playscapes was born. Since then, our story has led us to working in hundreds of settings nationwide, transforming playgrounds based on the very latest educational research and taking the lead on changing playgrounds for the future.

Natural Playground Specialist

Through interaction with natural and open-ended structures, children are able to learn through their play, developing lifelong skills such as problem solving, risk management, teamwork and confidence along with an enhanced ability to imagine and think creatively.

  • Confidence
  • Social play
  • Role play
  • Reflective communication
  • Imaginative place
  • Well-being
  • Decision making
  • Creative learning
  • Risk - depending on location of den
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Problem solving

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